Refreshing (rejuvenation) of the face


With the years or after sudden weight loss the skin of the face losses its turgor and looses. This manifests with the loosening the outer angle of the eye, deepening of the nasolabial folds. Important is the loosening of the skin over the edge of the lower jaw (bulldog cheeks) and formation of vertical folds around the neck. The operation is called "lifting". It is "upper" - stretches forehead, eyebrow and the eye angle. "Middle" - stretches the nasolabial folds and removes the surplus skin from the lower jaw. "Lower" - smoothes out the neck. The "total" lifting is performed in one stage when all the parts of the face are involved. The operation lasts from 60 to 180 min. The anesthesia is local or general. The stay at the center 1-2 days with bandage of the face. End result after 15 days - surpassingly good even for the most skeptic patients. We also change the appearance of the face by modeling the face bones.

Before operation


After operation



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