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Prof. Dr. Hristo Boyadjiev, Ph.D..


Chief and leading surgeon Dr Hr. Boyadgiev MD, ass. Prof. specialist in general and plastic surgery, exchairman of Bulgarian burns and plastic surgery section (BBPSS), member of the International (IPRAS), European (EPRAS), Balkan (BAPRAS) and Bulgarian (BULAPRAS) confederations and associations of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery; International (ISBI) and European (EBA) associations of burns and the Mediterranean burns club (MBC). Deputy chairman of the (BBPSS). The first Bulgarian plastic surgeon presenting the country at the world catalogue "Who's who" in Medicine and Health Care 2000 - 2001" p. 116.

Working at the specialty for 40 years. He was as follows chief of ward for plastic surgery, chief of the childrens’ clinic for burns and plastic surgery and chief of the Burns and Plastic Surgery Center at the Emergency Hospital "Pirogov". Chief of the Clinic for Burns and Plastic Surgery at the University Hospital Kamigumi, Cuba and Chief of the Bulgarian team at the clinic for burns and plastic surgery in Tripoli, Libya.

Collaborators of the Center are leading specialists in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck surgery, arm surgery, anesthesiologists, intensivists.

The members of the team passed specialization in Germany, France, Czech and Slovakia, Latin America and USA.

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